What2Watch: Pool Party on Gossip Girl

9pm on The CW: The fact that there is a new Gossip Girl on tonight takes the edge off going back to work, at least there's something to look forward to tonight! This week the gang breaks into school for a late night pool party. Didn't that happen on The O.C., like every week?

Gossip Girl: Picnic 

Gossip Girl: Good Morning 

10pm on BRAVO: Project Runway gets back to business, frankly I don't remember who is still in and who's out. I'm sure Heidi will get me up to speed.

10pm on NBC: Law & Order gets a make-over for the new year. MaryAnn Johanson already got us up to seed on that, check it out. I do love Law & Order, but I don't get to watch it much in prime-time anymore. However, I do enjoy the cable re-runs.

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