Review: National Treasure Book of Secrets is a Little Too Silly

It would be accurate to say this isn't a very good movie. Illogical, absurd, unoriginal and plodding - this one has a little something for everyone (who wants to dislike it). All of this adds up to a bummer as I truly wanted to defend this film as "popcorn fun" like the first one was. This isn't popcorn fun though, it's not even silly fun. I guess what I'm trying to say is this: I didn't have much fun watching the film.

Explaining the plot to a movie like National Treasure II (yes, I'm calling it that, marketing plan be damned) is a bit like throwing a coin into the ocean and explaining whether it came up heads or tails. It's pointless. The plot is so barren, so paint-by-numbers that they clearly didn't care about it, so why should we? However, to fulfill contractual obligations I'll tell you that Nic Cage's great-great-grandfather has been implicated in the assassination of President Lincoln. Clearly Cage and company take this hard and seek to clear his name. Thankfully (for the script) the only way to do so is to find a treasure. Ah, yes. Of course. That will fix it.

This next paragraph is for those who might find potential enjoyment here. If you suspended all disbelief and took this at face value, meaning if you simply checked all knowledge of history and reality at the door... well, I suppose you might have a good time. I just couldn't get there, though; I couldn't pretend I wasn't paying attention; I couldn't overlook that certain plot points in this movie were in fact impossible. The movie officially lost me when the idea was floated to kidnap the President of the United States. I realize that the movie's tone was silly, and the notion of kidnapping POTUS is silly, but c'mon, why not include dragons too? I suppose if one had a ton of liquor before this they'd probably enjoy the special effects. See? I can be nice too!

So, I guess it's safe to say this wasn't for me. I realize the type of fan who will enjoy this, and I don't begrudge them their enjoyment. I wish I was there with them, uncaring as to the logic of the situation. However, for my part, every time implausible was taken as fact it just pissed me off. As my mind racked up the reasons why this film didn't make any sense I just found myself getting angrier at the participants. In a film where conflicts are hatched out of convenience and history is bent to fit the needs of a one-liner I'm on the record for a "no" vote. Unlike last week's actioner, I Am Legend, this film attempted to form a logical reality. In that attempt things went very, very wrong.

Grade: D+