Big Batch O' Super Hot Daily Links: Nov. 26th

Christian Bale on Terminator 4? That guy is everywhere!

Some Bond 22 news for all the fans out there.

The guy behind a Kill Bill parody is cool with people downloading it for free. Unfortunately the lawyers aren't.

Although I don't really want to watch Batman in 3-d I suppose I'll take a few scenes in IMAX glory. Speaking of, this will be a picture of the Joker one day.

We're doing an Ellen Page feature this week so it's only fair that I link to another one first.

Oh Rubert Murdoch, you are such a kidder!

Did Disney's Enchanted have an F bomb in it? No.

If there's Hannah Montana news I report it. Mostly because her name rhymes.

Strike news: Both sides are back at the bargaining table and there is a rumor that a deal has been done!

It doesn't get much weirder than a Cripsin Clover interview, does it?

Let's all boycott The Golden Compass! No, only kidding. But these guys aren't.

United Artists is not off to a great start.

New Sweeney Todd posters. We've got a nice piece on that coming later today (the movie, not the posters). Update: Here's ours!

Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are gets rid of Michelle Williams while casting Lauren Ambrose.

Celine Dion wants to dance on Dancing With the Stars. Well, she was great on that song "It's All Coming Back to Me."

I just really like Woody Harrelson. Liked him in No Country for Old Men, liked him in White Men Can't Jump. Here's an interesting Woody profile.

It's always fun to watch The Academy scramble to fulfill every studio wish.

Is there another X-Men spin-off in the works?