Dancing With The Stars: Down To Four

Going into this week's Dancing With The Stars results show, five couples remained. Whose time was up; who left the show?

After the dance show on Monday, Helio & Julianne were atop of the leader board with 57 points and Mel & Maks were in second place with 56 points. Cameron & Edyta were ranked next with 51 points and Jennie & Derek were right below them with 50 points. Bringing up the rear, Marie & Jonathan had 49 points.

Was there any doubt as to who the judges would want to see in the encore dance? I know who I wanted to see. It was Helio & Julianne dancing the best quickstep the judges say they have ever seen on the show. They did just as well this time around as they did on Monday night's show. They look so good together!

After Gloria Estefan's Latin number and the audience reaction to Monday's performances, they announced that Marie & Jonathan were safe. What a freaking joke! Well, that's not what I really said out loud. There were some more profanities thrown around too but, well, you get the drift.

Fluff. Fluff. Jimmy Kimmel with Guillermo segment. Fatima Robinson, a choreographer, dancing hip-hop with her group of dancers segment. The professional dancers and when they began dancing segment. Gloria Estefan singing "Conga" segment. By the way, I could swear the dancing routine was the same for "Conga" as it was for "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You", but I'm probably wrong. Fluff over.

Helio & Julianne join Marie & Jonathan in their "safehood." After yet another commercial, Tom Bergeron announced that they wouldn't reveal the bottom two again this week. Whatever. Mel & Maks are safe! Yay! Either Jennie & Derek or Cameron & Edyta will be leaving. Silence please. Cameron & Edyta are going home. Cameron quipped he won't know what to do with himself now that he'll have all this free time on his hands (not traveling back and forth from coast to coast constantly) and Edyta told him she never thought he'd make it this far. How sweet Edyta.

This is the way I knew it would go down. Marie would get all the sympathy votes and it would be either Jennie or Cameron leaving. Well, I really liked Cameron, but he's no Helio or Mel, so I guess it's fine. I wonder if Marie & Derek will wind up winning this thing.

Next week, it's time for semi-finals and the four remaining couples get to perform their favorite ballroom and Latin dances. That will be fun to watch and I can't wait!


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