The Biggest Loser: Karma's A Bitch

Nine weeks have passed and nine contestants remain in The Biggest Loser. Which one of them will move one step closer to the $250,000 grand prize?

The contestants were told at the beginning of this week's episode that the game would be changing again. The duos are out the window and they'll now be competing as singles from here on out. After Bob confronted Neil about voting out Ryan, we got to see Amy in all of her bitchy glory. Amy said she had to have closure with Kim. I thought she was going to make amends with Kim. I was wrong. She brought her red team t-shirt to Kim and told Kim she could have it back. Rightfully so, Kim was insulted and told Amy to keep the shirt because it should mean something to her. Then Amy presented herself to Jillian in her newly acquired black t-shirt. Very nice, Amy.

At the temptation challenge, there were mounds and mounds of donuts in the room and only one of them contained a token for $5,000 inside. The contestants would have to find the token to collect the reward but the catch was that for each round of "looking" they would have to eat a donut. Kae sat out the entire time not wanting to sacrifice her diet. The rest of them played in the first round (they had one minute) and didn't find the token. In the second round, Nicole sat out with Kae while the rest of them tore at the donuts. After still not finding it, they were given the chance again to search the donuts except this time there would be no time limit. Only Bill, Bryan, Amy, Isabeau, and Neil played this time around and Bill was the lucky one that found it.

After an obligatory "working out" segment, it was time for the immunity challenge. The players were to compete in a 24K triathlon. All would begin the bike segment and the first six players to cycle 20K would move on to the second part of the triathlon. Kae finished first and Nicole, Bill, Hollie, Bryan, and Neil joined her on the treadmills for the second round -- running 3K. The first three players to complete the running segment would move on to the final swimming segment. Kae finished first again with Bill and Hollie hot on her heels, so they moved to the swimming pool.

The first person to swim 1K (40 lengths of the pool) would win immunity at the elimination and receive a 24-hour trip home to spend a day with their families and would get to pick another person to also have a trip and immunity. There was really no competition here as Hollie won the swimming segment hands down (she's a swim coach in real life). She decided to give a trip and immunity to Julie as a strategic game move. Forgive me, but I fail to see any strategy in this?

While the others are working out and Amy's crying about not being chosen for a home visit, Hollie and Julie are back at home with their friends/families. Hollie is with a friend (I think that's their relationship) who also has a weight problem and would go to take her to work out. Hollie hopes that she can motivate her to also lose weight. Julie joins her husband and son at home. They go out to eat at Subway and she takes him to the beach to work out. Honestly, could these "home" segments be any cheesier?

After everybody's last chance workouts, it's time for this week's weigh-in. Julie, who has immunity, weighed first and lost zero pounds. Hollie, who also has immunity, weighed next and lost zero pounds. Imagine that. Bill lost 8 pounds (3.31%) bringing his total weight loss since the start of the show to 100 pounds. Nicole lost 7 pounds (3.06%); Neil lost 10 pounds (3.12%); Amy lost 3 pounds (1.22%); Isabeau lost 5 pounds (2.03%); Bryan lost 2 pounds (.72%); and Kae lost 4 pounds (2.45%). Amy and Bryan are the two (besides Julie and Hollie) who lost the lowest percentage of weight and are up for elimination.

Thankfully for Bryan and myself, some members of the black team turned on Amy and she was voted off the campus. She was upset about being turned on and told them that karma's a bitch. Well, so are you Amy. After Amy leaves, Alison tells the remaining eight players that she has a surprise for them and hands each of them a big manila envelope.

In Amy's follow-up, we find that she's now lost a total of 100 pounds (she weighed 297 when she began). It's good that she's keeping up her weight loss, but I still don't like her.

Next week, the players will get makeovers and have reunions with their families. Perhaps on a cruise ship with their families like they've done before? And for the first time ever, there will be a live weigh-in with the eliminated player.

What did you think about Amy being sent home? And what about how she behaved to Kim? Gah, I'm so glad she's gone.


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