About Last Night: Cavemen and Carpoolers Need to Go Kaput

Time is running short to mention certain programs in this spot, as they seem unlikely to have any "last nights" once their existing episodes are killed off. High on that list is the Tuesday ABC freshman sitcom duo of Cavemen and Carpoolers, shows apparently meant to counter the male appeal of NCIS in the 8:00 hour. Like everything else ABC has tried in half-hour comedy this decade, things aren't going so well.

The overarching gag on Cavemen is hearing the experience of racial and ethnic minorities channeled through the title characters. So it was last night, as the cavemen contemplated election day, and whether it would be an act of disloyalty for Andy to not support the caveman in the race. The cavemen became peeved when one of them wound up on a campaign poster for a candidate he didn't support, and Andy contemplated getting a gun after losing his beloved video games in a burglary. The Carpoolers quartet were irritated by another group of obnoxious carpoolers and pulled a minor prank to retaliate, but were then alarmed to see that car in flames by the side of the road while driving home. On the domestic front, Dougie was pressured by the other guys to stop telling all to his wife, and Marmaduke charged outrageous fees for the use of his new ATM. Despite their lack of laugh tracks, which isn't especially revolutionary these days, these shows are conventional enough that they won't be missed once they're gone. [Third Estate Sunday Review]

The Biggest Loser: Team competition was ended. The losers faced a challenge in which they got to look for a money token in a pile of donuts, but had to eat one donut for every minute spent looking in vain. The bigger challenge was an indoor triathlon, which was won by Hollie, who got to spend a day at home as a reward. Amy got sent home for good after a close vote, though the glimpse of her at the end showed her much thinner and happier, not that she could possibly be less happy than she was on the show. [Really Watching Reality TV]

House: Dr.Terzi (Michael Michele), coaxed into leaving the CIA by House last week, showed up as one of the Houseling candidates, much to the dismay of the perennially dismayed Amber. A documentary crew was at the hospital to cover the surgery of a teenager who was there to have a facial deformity removed. When the boy had cardiac arrest on the table, the film crew hung around to film House and his team as they went through the usual back-and-forth of possibilities. Taub, the ex-plastic surgeon, was most vocal about promoting his view of the case, and he later had to admit that he left plastic surgery as the result of having an affair at his old practice. He survived the cutdown, as did Thirteen, who redeemed herself at last with a correct diagnosis. The person let go was the one just brought on: Terzi, who did not distinguish herself at all in this episode. Suddenly the CIA's mistakes are making sense to me. [Medpeek]

Dancing with the Stars: Gloria Estefan performed "Conga" with a group of the show's dancers conga-ing before her. To help kill the hour, they presented a nice segment on how the pros on the show got into dance. Since they have themselves become stars over the last five seasons, it's only fitting we learn a little more about them. Soap star Cameron Mathison and his artfully undressed partner Edyta Sliwinska were eliminated, leaving Mel B., Helio Castroneves, Marie Osmond, and Jennie Garth as the final four. [Blue State of Mind]

Boston Legal: Jerry was terrified by the prospect of getting physical with his new girlfriend, and ended up receiving a nice kiss. Whitney and Katie defended a policeman who shot a black man, and was then charged with a hate crime based on a brain scan that supposedly showed a predisposition to racial bias. Denny ended up being taken to court by an associate he had fired because she was fat. A video showing Clarence in drag going crazy in a parking lot was posted on YouTube, and Clarence sued YouTube in response. [Laptop Television Mom]

Nip/Tuck: Christian popped in to tweak Julia over her relationship with Ollie, after he had heard from Liz that she didn't believe Julia was really a lesbian. He and Julia did end up sleeping together, which was a prelude for her to tweak him back by saying it was all Ollie's idea. A provocative 18 year-old had an intimate surgical request of Sean, who later found out that the girl was Ollie's daughter (the actress doesn't look more than five years younger than Portia de Rossi, who plays Ollie).

Matt came up with an excuse to get money from both Christian and Sean, which he used to buy meth for himself and Kimber. This had to happen eventually: Christian was mistaken for a male prostitute and ended up leaving with the woman who made the mistake. Kate's date with Sean ended up with her pooping in a hot tub, not on purpose, although with Nip/Tuck you can never be sure. Even considering this show's proud history, this was probably the most lurid hour of television I've ever seen outside of pay cable. [Nip/Tuck Fanatic]