Big Batch O' Super Hot Daily Links: Nov. 13th

Marvel has decided to put 2500 comic book issues online? There goes my year. Also hat's off to whoever scanned all those.

Pictures of Zachary Quinto as Spock!!!!!! (Yes, that was feigned enthusiasm)

Strike Item 1: Wait a sec, so blog writers are taking time off to support Guild writers? Are we allowed to do that?

Strike Item 2: If the CBS News writers go on strike that will mean one very scary thing: No more news. Ever.

Strike Item 3: A nice breakdown of why writers get residuals.

Per my advice, themovieblog is here to stay.

The girl from Transformers is getting more work.

Oodles of new stills from the latest installment of The Mummy.

Rustle up your friends and head on over to Iraq - It's movie festival time!

Who are the top ten TV icons? I said Tom Green. These guys have Johnny Carson. Agree to disagree, eh?

Ryan Seacrest is back for New Year's Eve and comedians of the world breathe a sigh of relief.

Depression affects us all man, even Ryan Phillippe.

The Weinsteins are going to parody Kill Bill? I'm confused. It's a good movie and they are pals with Tarantino. Odd.

An interesting article that looks at the external forces behind Oscar. The question is; how much does an actor's other work affect Oscar chances? Last year I argued that Eddie Murphy should lose his Dreamgirls Oscar because Norbit was so putrid. Will anyone else be punished in such a manner?

MTV is sneek peekin' The Mist.

Half of world's movie screens will be digital by 2013. Oddly enough the other half will be made up of bologna sandwiches. I know, weird, right?

Our threat level for the day is whatever color high fructose corn syrup is and our song for the day is "Friend is a Four Letter Word" by Cake.