Big Batch O' Super Hot Daily Links: Nov. 12th

Wow, Tim Kring, the creator of Heroes, is a very honest guy. I accept your apology Tim!

Strike Item One: Is there a chance the Oscars won't have writers due to the strike?

Strike Item Two: Typical Hollywood, when all else fails... sue 'em!

Strike Item Three: Well, if we've got to have reality TV as a substitute, why not some fellas beating the crap out of each other?

Strike Item Four: NBC might be looking for late night replacement hosts. Hey fellas, I can write and look chubby on camera. Va-va-Voom.

Of course the studios aren't making money in the theaters. More competition and shorter theatrical runs. Thankfully they still get $20 per DVD!

Fantastic Josh Brolin interview from my bud over at

Sam Raimi isn't sure if he's directing Spider-Man 4.

Sarah Michelle Gellar poses for Maxim. You know, just to mix things up.

Michael Bay is going to toy with us. Ooooh, I love it when he does that.

**Spoiler Alert** Possible Star Trek plot points.

Guy Ritchie's Revolver just got itself a trailer.

Empire on that most sublime of movie experiences: when things are so bad they're good.

The machinations behind how Oscar screws over foreign films.

For Veteran's Day, the top ten war films.

David Germain didn't dig Southland Tales.

Our color for the day is a hungry orange (ever wonder why all fast foods are yellow or orange?) and our song for the day is: "Have You Seen Me Lately" by the Counting Crows. C'mon, forgive me, it's a rainy Monday in Seattle.