Have We Been Wrong About Heroes' Adam?

Chapter Eight: "Four Months Ago..."

Is it possible that Adam's not the boogeyman we've been led to believe he is? Hmmm...

Adam helps Peter get his memory back, and we get a flashback to what's been happening over the past four months, from the moment Peter and Nathan took off to explode over New York. Nathan is horribly burned in the process, but Peter is okay, because of his ability to heal. Peter drops the injured Nathan off at a hospital, and then Peter is ambushed by Veronica Mars and Bob from The Company. They convince Peter that they can help him turn off his powers, and he's eager to go along with that because he's feeling terribly guilty over hurting Nathan, never mind almost blowing up New York City.

Peter gets tossed in a hospital room/cell, where he "meets" Adam by talking to him, in the next room, via the air ducts. Adam's all like, "Hello, Petrelli, this is a prison, not a hospital," and reveals that he's been held there for 30 years because he had a plan to save the world from sickness and disease with his magic healing blood. Now, we know The Company is evil, and this totally sounds like something it would do, but could Adam actually be so noble? Has living 400 years tempered his desire for revenge against Hiro (and, we presumed, the rest of the world)? Or is he merely lying to Peter in order to get Peter's help in escaping? The answer could be both, of course.

So, Peter stops taking the medication Veronica Mars has been giving him to turn off his powers, and he and Adam walk through the walls and escape. They visit Nathan in the hospital, where Adam makes Nathan all better with a bit of his blood, and then they split up when Veronica Mars and Bob catch up to them. Their henchman, the Haitian, chases Peter, and then the Haitian does what he thinks is a charity, a favor: he erases Peter's memory and locks him up inside that shipping container, believing it's the only way Peter can have a new life. Weird.

Back in today, Peter now remembers everything, and Adam again expresses a desire to save the world. I'm not sure we can trust him yet. It'll be interesting to see what happens when he runs into Hiro again.

While we're getting Peter's tale, we also learn about how Nikki got involved with The Company. Remember how we thought D.L. was dead of that gunshot would he got at the end of last season? Nope. He recovered from that only to get shot again, which was all the fault of Nikki and the powers she can't control -- and a new crazy alt-personality named Gina -- which is what prompts her to run to The Company.

And then there's Alejandro and Maya's backstory: turns out her deadly power manifested itself at his wedding when Maya discovered his new bride schtupping some other guy at the reception. She gets furious and accidentally kills everyone at the wedding -- oops -- and then runs away and hides. Her brother finds her months later, when they both discover his ability to temper her temper. And then they both run away.

I've been wondering whether Mrs. Petrelli has a power, and it looks like maybe she does: when she confronts Nathan's wife at the hospital, and tells her Nathan is delusional and paranoid for talking about being able to fly, she convinces the wife -- with a bit of supernatural help, it seems -- to keep her mouth shut about all this craziness.

Next week: What? Only three episodes left? Were they planning for the writers' strike? Is there gonna be a whole new disaster the Heroes will have to save the world from over the rest of the season? Sheesh.


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