What2Watch: Monday Night

8pm on Cinemax: Maybe you're one of the millionaires who has health insurance and Cinemax. If so I urge you to check out The Last King of Scotland so that you can become completely freaked out by Forest Whitaker's portrayal of Idi Amin.

8pm on NBC: I watch the hit TV show Chuck. I love it so. I don't claim that this is rational, it's clearly got some flaws, but every five years or so I pick a mono-syllabic comedy to champion and this decade it's Chuck. For the record it used to be Ed.

9pm on NBC: No, Heroes hasn't been good so far, but what other choices do we have?

9pm on Bravo: The Breakfast Club has been re-run a few hundred million times so it's like an old friend. Plus you just know Bravo will edit it to holy hell, that's worth a giggle or two.

10pm on ABC: The Bachelor is hitting us with a show where "The women tell all" in anticipation of the finale. Oh yes, please. There is nothing better in this world than soft serve ice cream, my couch, my wife, and a couple dozen captain insanos on the television pondering why they couldn't find true love via a reality show.

That's all for now. Tomorrow your normal captain of What2beWatching2007 will return, I promise!