The Amazing Race: Ditch Vaulting - A New Olympic Sport?

In this week's The Amazing Race, the ten remaining teams began the second leg of the race under the cover of darkness. They were to drive themselves to the local airport and fly ultimately to Amsterdam, The Netherlands where they then had to catch a train to Central Station and search the city for a bridge where they would find their next clue. Azaria & Hendekea were the first team to leave at 12:00 AM and Nathan & Jennifer were the last team to leave at 3:00 AM. Forum: The Amazing Race

Donald & Nicolas got a flat tire thanks to one of those pesky curbs, but were eventually able to make it to the airport where many other teams were waiting for the ticket counter to open. While most of the teams were focused more on getting to the airport, Ronald & Christina and Pat & Kate stopped at an Inn on the way to use the Internet to research the flights. This is where we began to see Ronald's overbearing side concerning Christina. I don't know if I would like him as a partner.

Everybody was able to make the first flight to Dublin except for Marianna & Julia. Once the flight landed in Dublin, teams that hadn't been able to secure tickets for the Dublin to Amsterdam flight scurried over to the gate to get on the standby list. Nicolas was a little short with his agent and Ronald, who was standing next to him and trying to get on standby himself, decided to take Nicolas to task for it. What nerve! Nicolas & Donald got lucky and were able to make the first flight to Amsterdam leaving Ronald & Christine behind to catch the second flight along with Julia & Marianna and Pat & Kate.

Once in Amsterdam, the teams were getting tickets for the train so that they could find the bridge with the clue. The clue was a detour: teams had to choose between "Hoisting It" and "Hunting It." To "Hois It," teams had to move five pieces of furniture up the side of a building using a rope and pulley system. To "Hunt It," teams had to hunt for a specially color-coded pair of bikes among thousands of other bikes.

Azaria & Hendekea were the only pair among the front-runners to choose the bike task. Though they had been in first place originally, they were knocked down to fifth place by the time they found their bikes. Some of the teams were having problems with the hoisting task too, though. TK couldn't tie a knot to save his life and eventually he and Rachel switched places where she busted through the hoisting like a gangbuster.

Lorena & Jason were the first to finish the task and now they had to travel by bus to a rural village named Ransdorp, The Netherlands, and find their next clue in a field. Unfortunately though, they missed the first bus and by the time the next bus came along their lead had evaporated. Kynt & Vyxsin finish and begin looking for the bus stop only miss the ones the front runners had got on to. Meanwhile, the second plane was just now landing in Amsterdam. Those teams are way behind.

After the bus arrives in Ransdorp, the teams found their next clue: it was a road block that only one member of the team could do. It involved ditch vaulting; while some of the teams didn't have a problem with it there were those obligatory few teams who just couldn't get it done quick enough. Jason was immediately able to accomplish the task and got the next clue which told them to choose a Dutch cargo bike and ride it through the countryside looking for the drop-off point at the Durgerdam Yacht Club. That would be the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Lorena & Jason were the first team to arrive at the pit stop and won three-wheeled sport bikes (really?). Nathan & Jennifer were the second team to reach the pit stop and Shana & Jennifer were third. Meanwhile, Ronald & Christina were fighting with each other while trying to decide between hoisting and hunting, and continued fighting while hunting for their bikes. That annoyed Pat & Kate who were also hunting for bikes.

Kynt & Vyxsin were the fourth team to greet Phil. (It was hilarious when they went to high-five each other and he missed her hand and hit her in the face!) Donald started to struggle with the ditch vaulting and had to strip down to his underwear to lighten the load. Azaria & Hendekea were the fifth team at the pit stop and TK & Rachel were the sixth team to arrive. Marianna & Julia were able to catch up during the ditch vaulting and finished this leg in the seventh spot. Donald finally cleared the ditch; he and Nicolas arrived at the pit stop eighth.

Ronald was giving Christina a hard time at the ditch vaulting task, but ultimately she got it and they arrived at the pit stop in ninth. We saw some footage of Kate (I think) doing the ditch task but they had to have been really behind the other teams. They were the last to arrive at the pit stop and Phil was, as always, sorry to tell them they'd been eliminated.

Next week, Ronald & Christina are still arguing and Lorena loses it during a task trying to milk a camel. Eeeks!

I loved the ditch vaulting task! Some of them took really nasty falls, but thankfully they were all OK. It was just hilarious to watch. Ronald needs to get off Christina's back if they're going to have any chance at winning this thing. Nathan & Jennifer were still annoying and continue to get on my nerves. What did you think about this week's episode?


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