Trouble Comes to Town on Friday Night Lights

This week on Friday Night Lights, trouble came to Dillon for several of the characters. Tami’s sister Shelley (Jessalyn Gilsig, who you might recognize as Claire's biological mom from Heroes) came to help with baby Grace so Tami could go back to work, bringing with her a slutty outfit for Julie and a judgmental attitude.

An out-of-town detective came to help in the murder investigation, and found upholstery fibers from Landry’s car in the dead guy’s jacket. Landry’s dad confronted Landry, and the two of them drove out into the desert to torch the car. Am I missing something? Because I would think that there would be a vehicle registration record. So... if the police come to Landry and want to talk to him about his car, isn’t it going to look more suspicious that the car is suddenly missing? At least now that it is (sort of) out in the open, we might get a little break from this story line. Until somebody finds the burnt-out shell of the car, that is.

Now that Julie has realized what a huge mistake she made in breaking up with Matt, naturally he’s got the new girl in town interested in him. And of course, she’s a cheerleader. She actually seems pretty cool, though, from the little we saw of her this week. I did like that Tyra and Julie left the party together. I was starting to wonder if those two were friends anymore.

Hey, by the way, what's with these stupid "let us catch you up" teasers halfway through the show? Anybody who cares that much what happened would either have been watching or recording it anyway.

Even though Buddy lured Erik back to town with salary promises, it turns out that the Booster Club funds are so low that he’s now making about half what he was making before. To make up the difference, he took on the mantle of Athletic Director in addition to coaching duties, leading to an amusing encounter with the coach of the girls’ soccer team. It’s nice, for once, to see the perspective of someone in Dillon whose life doesn’t revolve around the football team.

In other developments, Coach Taylor kicked Riggins off the team, looking to possibly replace him with Alejandro, Lyla’s juvenile delinquent project. This led to two great scenes: one had Smash inviting Riggins over to his mama’s house for dinner and the other was of Riggins, Alejandro, Smash, and Matt engaging in an impromptu scrimmage. Riggins is actually pretty good at coaching; I wonder if they are adding that aspect to his character so they can keep Taylor Kitsch around a few more seasons, after his character supposedly graduates. Meanwhile, Jason considered going back go coaching, but ultimately decided that he needs to try living a Panther-free life.

We didn’t see much of Tyra this week, but it looks like we will next Friday, as Tyra lets Tim move in.

* * *

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