Katharine McPhee Engaged

Katharine McPhee, 23, is reportedly engaged to her boyfriend of a year, 42-year-old actor Nick Cokas.

Man, this guy sure hit the jackpot.

"Katharine is bubbling over with excitement for her upcoming wedding," a source says. "She is all smiles when she talks about the planning. It sounds like everything is going very smoothly."

The two met in 2005 when they performed in a Los Angeles theater production of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Their relationship began as a friendship.

"He took me up to my San Francisco (Idol) audition," McPhee said. That's when the relationship became romantic. "We totally fell in love," she said.


There ya go, old guys. You wanna date a 21-year-old? Drive her to an American Idol audition.

Or, you know, just be James Woods.

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