DVD Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Well, the holiday shopping season is upon us and there's one thing you can never go wrong with: movies. Everyone loves movies. Really. Everyone. If for any reason you doubt me, find your way to the nearest dating website look at likes and dislikes. Right below "taking long walks" and "listening to music" on the likes is "must like watching movies." Trust me it's on ALL of them. So now the next question: what should you get your loved ones? Here are some of this year's must-owns:

For the geek/man-child in your life: This one is going to require a little recon. Call his girlfriend/wife/roommate or just sneak a peek at his DVD collection when he's away. This is the demographic most likely to already own everything he likes, but it is always worth a shot. Oh, and make sure it reads WIDESCREEN on the box - otherwise you'll get a look you're not accustomed to, something akin to a deer caught in headlights mixed with how-could-you?

For this guy, might I recommend the sword and sandal epic 300, the robot-on-robot action flick Transformers, or if he was really good this year, the Heroes Season 1 box set to remind him of when the show was really good (just like Lost's first season). Perhaps you might want to pick up Children of Men, which says, "I know you're a geek, but a caring and intelligent one who enjoys deep, rich sci-fi." Or the new Blade Runner, Ultimate Edition is probably at the very tip-top of his wish list. That would probably get you hug or the walk shoveled for a few weeks.

For the dad in your life:

Casino Royale. If there is a dad in America that doesn't love James Bond, then he's probably got a secret stash of Streisand records in the attic. Bond is like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood: every man who has had children loves him. If he already has that then try The Departed. Because what dad doesn't like a good gangster cop film? Especially one by Scorsese.

For the mom in your life:

Dreamgirls, which is already out, and Hairspray, which releases in a few weeks: these are just the kind of musicals that moms love. Aside from that, it really wasn't a big MOM year for movies.

For your sister:
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

No. Really. This should pretty much do it. Johnny Depp. Orlando Bloom. In pirate outfits. It's like Prozac for teenage girls.

For your crazy uncle Lou:

David Lynch's Inland Empire. Because nothing calms the voices like having them all agree that this time Lynch went too far.

For anyone who pissed you off and never got back in your good graces:

Bratz: The Movie

Because you know they'll HAVE to watch it at least once. And that's 110 minutes they can never get back. Ever.

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