Big Batch O' Super Hot Daily Links: Nov. 15th

Wow, two sneak peeks of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince??

They are going to finish a few episodes of Family Guy without creator Seth MacFarlane. Classy.

Fox is going to let you copy a DVD you purchase on to your hard drive.

They are still shooting I Am Legend - though it's out in less than a month. Impressive.

Have some fun with Craigslist!

These people are crazy for the Hannah Montana man.

The ten worst Christmas movies of all time.

Rachel Ray is upset with the gossip. I know just how you feel.

Here's a handy chart of when your favorite shows might run out of new episodes.

David Letterman's writers have their own blog... that they are writing on... during the strike... from writing. Speaking of Dave, he's paying his staff during the strike.

Britney is going to blame ADD for her drug problems. Been there, done that, got the brochure. It never works sister.

Oh man, SNL at a theater in Chelsea?? I would give five years of my life for tickets to that.

Jeff Bridges might be doing Tron 2? Interesting.

That's all for now. Check back tomorrow for a whole mess of weekend edition links!