About Last Night: Heroes Backtracks To Explain Plot Developments

Monday's episode of Heroes was the latest of a type that has proven to be popular with fans, where we leave the show's current timeline and travel backwards to see how we got here (or in one memorable case, forwards to see the fate the heroes averted).

The episode, "Four Months Ago," took viewers back to the climax of last season, showing for the first time what became of Peter after his bomb-self detonated over New York City. After getting the charred Nathan to a hospital, he was subdued by Bob and Elle (Kristen Bell returning after three weeks), who brought him to the Company's headquarters and told him they could prevent his powers from going out of control ever again. This sounded great to Peter, until he began to fall under the influence of Adam, who was, likewise, being held in an adjoining room. Peter and Adam eventually escaped the headquarters to heal Nathan, but Peter was again caught and mind-wiped by the Haitian before being shipped to Ireland in a crate.

We also saw the beginning of the Maya/Alejandro story, with Maya's ability to kill first manifesting itself at her brother's wedding. After D.L. survived his shooting four months ago, Niki was given pills by Bob that were supposed to prevent "Jessica" from returning, but she didn't like the side effects and stopped taking them, thus becoming possessed by a new personality, "Gina." D.L. left his new life as a fireman (you read that right) to take Niki/Gina away from a sleazy club, but one of the sleazes ended up shooting him point blank, explaining why he's been dead all season. At episode's end, back in "today," Peter told Adam he now remembered everything. [Video Games and Comic Books]

Prison Break had its fall finale, which was clearly a result of the strike and not any sort of dramatic logic, since it didn't play much like a finale. Michael believed he had four more days to pull off the Whistler removal, though Whistler himself was told that the operation was coming later that day. He was also told to kill Michael, but when given the opportunity couldn't go through with it. Mahone got returned to Sona after coming apart at the seams while waiting for his hearing. The attempt to remove Whistler via helicopter failed, but even though Michael wasn't behind it and actually foiled it, the powers that be assumed this latest escape attempt had to be his idea and decided to remove him from the premises. Now there's a two-month wait to get more answers on a show that's confusing enough when you're watching it every week. [42 Inch Television]

Dancing with the Stars: The five remaining dancing pairs each did two dances again. Marie Osmond got the lowest judges' scores, but the viewers were reminded of how she had to work through her grief over her father this week, and that might be enough to keep her safe. Helio Castroneves had the night's single highest score with his quickstep, and Mel B. was right behind despite choosing to do a tango to Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus." That likely leaves Jennie Garth and Cameron Mathison as the dancers in the most danger.

Weeds: Nancy tended to the injured Silas, while it was left to Andy to make sure Shane was not losing his mind. Celia tried to deposit a large sum of cash in a bank before running into the precaution banks take so as not to sully themselves with cash from drug proceeds. Nancy asked Guillermo for an alliance. Cops using thermal imaging stumbled upon the missing cross. Heylia stumbled upon Nancy and Conrad kissing.

Journeyman: Dan's assignment took him back to 1973 to a swingers' "key party," something he was amused to discover was not just an urban legend. He and Livia were to rescue a college student who ran off after seeing her mom getting down at the party, only to wind up in the company of some hippie criminals. The FBI came looking for the missing money at Dan's place, but didn't discover it thanks to Katie's quick thinking. Dan discovered that Livia is a time traveler who is based in the past (1948). Livia's "future" began in the 1980s without an apparent mission, and she was pulled back after falling in love with Dan. Livia warned Dan that his time jumps will probably start getting longer.

The Hills: The honchos asked Lauren and Whitney to cover an event meant to promote voting, and Lauren worried she'd see Heidi there. Heidi was indeed there, and Lauren simply told her she was waiting on an apology. Back home, Lauren received an IM from Heidi asking for a chance to talk things out, which amused Spencer when he saw the chat logs on Heidi's computer later. At the summit meeting, Heidi insisted again she had nothing to do with the rumors, but couldn't give an answer when Lauren asked if Spencer was behind them. Audrina got away from her idiot boyfriend by watching Sean Kingston on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. [Fans of the Hills]