Our Favorite Kooks

Here comes Crispin Glover again, this time as the voice (and strangely enough, face) of the tormented creature Grendel in this weekend's adaptation of the classic epic poem Beowulf. Now we love Crispin. Come on, admit it. You do too. But not because of his acting. We love him because he's a complete kook. So in honor of that, I've been thinking lately about our other favorite kooks – the oddballs who might not always be making the best movies, but make for the best stories.

Vincent Gallo:

I will not say anything bad about Vincent Gallo. I will not say anything bad about Vincent Gallo. I will not say anything bad about Vincent Gallo. Okay, maybe just a few things. Something of a genius and definitely a kook, Vincent Gallo stories are something of a favorite for celebrities and filmmakers to pass among one another. I can't quite relate all of the rumors I've heard, nor will I. You see, during a heated exchange with noted film critic Roger Ebert, Gallo wished cancer upon his verbal sparring partner. Ebert shrugged it off in stride, but was then diagnosed with cancer. Nobody messes with Gallo or his bad mojo now.

Uwe Boll :

I once heard Uwe (pronounce Ooo-Vay) describe how he manages to get such A-list talent in his Z-grade movies. He said that while everyone else sends out their scripts six months in advance, he sends his scripts three weeks in advance and offers a paycheck up front. If an actor is available, odds are they'll take the gig for some easy money and a job done before they even have to select their next role. Genius. Pure genius. Of course the follow up question to that was, "Uwe, why do your fight scenes suck so badly?" Without missing a beat Uwe replied, "You see, I only get about three weeks with my actors…"

Angelina Jolie:

Sure, she might be the biggest star in the world right now, and a socially minded political activist, but she's still something of a weirdo. If it's not adopting orphans from third world countries or seeking medical attention there, it's a history of even wilder stunts. People forget that she collects knives, that she got married to her first husband wearing a white t-shirt with her husband's name scrawled on it in blood; she's reportedly claimed to have drunk blood and dreamed of being a mortician when she was growing up (as a child.) Yeah, she's a weird cat. Just weird enough to stay in the news while her career flagged and she resuscitated it to become the biggest female star in the world.

Gary Busey:

There are only two words describe this man. They are GARY and BUSEY. Of course when you're talking about a world in which people drop millions of dollars on garish items, women dress in things designers found in their couch cushions and strung together with wire, and the most interesting news of the day is someone's mugshot - I guess crazy, kooky or weird is relative.

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