About Last Night: Two HBO Series Reach Climax

On Curb, Larry fretted about Cheryl bringing a date to the bat mitzvah of Jeff and Susie's daughter, and couldn't even muster much excitement over finding out that the Blacks were going to be moving out at last. After an attempt to find a suitable date at a gastroenterologist's office ended up for naught, Larry asked Loretta Black (Vivica A. Fox) to the bat mitzvah, where he proceeded, naturally, to make a fool of himself. The episode ended with what appeared to be a dream sequence showing Larry living in his version of domestic bliss with Loretta and her family, a scenario which certainly came out of nowhere and that will make for an odd series finale if David decides he's had it with the show. Those who had hoped HBO Larry, unlike real Larry, would reunite with his wife will have to wait and see. [Briribaj]

For a show that has been widely criticized for its deliberate pace, the season finale of Tell Me You Love Me sure did cram a lot into its 60 minutes. May found out that her close friend John died, but she continued to work through her heartbreak. Jamie bumped into Hugo, the two began chatting again, admitted they were still in love, and before the hour was over, they were married. Wow. Carolyn fumed over Palek's decision to leave her and warned him in front of May that he would have no role in his child's life. But later, Carolyn miscarried the baby, and despite lashing out at Palek when he arrived to comfort her, she ended up accepting his fumbling attempt at sympathy. After enduring a harrowing session with May and their worst fight yet, Katie and David finally came to an acceptance of each other as they are today, after 12 years of marriage. As to the question of whether they would finally have sex, a goal this show treated as the equivalent of conquering Mt. Everest, the answer was: sort of.

Man Vs. Wild returned to the Discovery Channel for the first new episode since it was revealed that this show about how to survive extreme situations in nature hadn't exactly placed host Bear Grylls in the sort of peril we had been led to believe. In previous seasons, various artificial scenarios had been concocted for the cameras, and Grylls hadn't always slept on jungle floors and the like, but rather in hotels. The premier episode of this season, which found Grylls demonstrating survival in the Sahara, was more upfront about its contrivances. When we saw a cobra hissing in the sand, Grylls said the snake had been brought to him so that he could show how viewers how to defuse the danger. The greater honesty will probably not harm the show more than it had already been hurt by the bad publicity, unless there were really a lot of fans heavily invested in the idea that Grylls was in mortal danger every week. [TV in the Woods]

Friday Night Lights: The police received some fiber evidence from the murder victim, which Landry's father realized tied his son to the crime. Landry confessed to his father, and the two of them drove the car to the middle of nowhere and set it on fire. Taylor got his first paycheck since returning to Dillon and was alarmed to see a major pay cut, so Buddy talked him into becoming the school athletic director to make up the money difference. Jason and Tim returned from the Mexico trip, and an angry Taylor kicked Tim off the team. Santiago tried out for the team, showing himself to be an excellent natural athlete with no idea how to play football. Tami's sister came to help with the baby, but mostly succeeded in making Tami feel old and boring. Jason told Taylor he needed to cut his ties to the Panthers and move on. [Cultural Learnings]

The Amazing Race: The ten remaining pairs raced from Shannon, Ireland to Amsterdam in what was a fairly humdrum hour. I think the leg started to go off course when the detour choice in Amsterdam was bicycles or tying knots rather than hookers or pot. Jason and Lorena, who I couldn't tell you a single thing about after two episodes, won the leg, while lesbian ministers Kate and Pat were excommunicated. The most noteworthy element of this episode was discovering that, at least for this season, the race has supplemented its usual stock jackass boyfriend with a jackass dad, namely Ronald. His continual expressions of disappointment in his daughter Christina, even to the point of telling her she needed to lose weight, made me cringe at the thought that she's been living with this criticism for 26 years. One thing Ronald said to her was "I'm optimistic with the real truth flavor," which I'm pretty sure is a lie even though I have no idea what it means. [