Survivor: Just Don't Eat The Apple

Ni hao! This week's episode of Survivor began with James telling us he'll have his Immunity Idols with him at Tribal Council from now on. Good boy! James then went and yelled at everybody to wake up. He was just being funny though, by channeling the now booted Jean-Robert. Courtney woke up saying it was like Christmas because Jean-Robert wasn't there. It was actually cute the way she said it because she reminded me of a little girl. Later, Denise told James she was upset about being blindsided at the last Tribal Council. She feels like she got stabbed in the back (you were Denise) but James tried to make her feel better by telling her that she's safe.

The tree mail they received at Hae Da Fung the next day came with a present -- a drum! The message read of an experience of a lifetime in a magical place where they could feed their soul and also feed their face. They would have to divide to conquer and had better be on the ball. If they could drum up some enthusiasm, they just might win it all. Of course, that means it's time for a reward challenge.

They would be split into two teams of four and would have to navigate through an obstacle course while keeping a bouncing ball in the air using drums that were strapped to them. The first team to get to the finish line and get three balls in their bin would win a spectacular overnight cruise on the Li River. Peih-Gee and Erik were randomly chosen as team captains and the teams were chosen by schoolyard pick again. The Red t came to consist of Peih-Gee, James, Todd, and Denise. The yellow team was made up by Erik, Frosti, Amanda, and Courtney.

It looked like a really difficult challenge to me but the yellow team had hardly any problems winning and left to go on their cruise. Back at the Hae Da Fung camp, Peih-Gee was mad that they lost and got James all stirred up when she said she didn't give up on the challenge. James was having a hard time believing her and who could blame him? She did throw the reward challenge previously with him.

On the cruise, the reward winners were enjoying mimosas while flirting with each other. Frosti was rubbing Courtney's back while Amanda was giggling at every little thing Erik said. Erik didn't just flirt with Amanda though, he was also flirting with the goats onshore. He makes fabulous goat sounds! For dinner, they had a wonderful meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and rolls. When they returned to camp the next day and Todd was interrogating them about their cruise, they lied about having the meal they did and said they had Chinese food like in that other reward. And seriously, could they blur out Amanda's butt any more? I'm really curious as to how much she could possibly expose.

The Immunity Challenge consisted of a memory test, but before they began Jeff offered up some temptation to those who felt they didn't need to win immunity. If anybody wanted to, they could sit out the competition and eat cheeseburgers and fries instead. Courtney, Todd, Denise, and James decided to fill their bellies so only Peih-Gee, Frosti, Amanda, and Erik would be playing for immunity. Luckily for Peih-Gee she won immunity. She would have probably been the next one leaving if she hadn't.

Back at camp, Frosti was frustrated that James, Courtney, Todd, and Denise decided to eat. Couldn't they wait 12 days for that? Frosti and Erik both know that it will probably be one of them leaving at Tribal Council so Frosti got to work trying to swing things in his direction. He told Todd that Erik's smooth with the girls and everybody loves him. It doesn't quite work though, as Todd was more worried about the little relationship going on between Frosti and Courtney. He started up the "Vote out Frosti" campaign immediately.

And so it happened -- Frosti was voted out by a vote of 5-1. Courtney gave him a big hug on the way out and Frosti began the lonely walk to a hot shower and big fat dinner. Jeff told the others that there are 12 days left and that they should realize they have to adapt moment to moment, and that he's going to test that right now. They're confused and so am I. They're not going back to camp just yet. They have more business to attend to with Jeffypoo and Tribal Council. And roll credits.

Next time on Survivor: injuries take their toll (Peih-Gee's complaining about her knees); James is fed up (he's working so much); and Todd takes a stand. Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait until November 29th to find out what in the world happens after Tribal Council. I don't want to wait that long!

So what did you think about this week's Survivor? Were you fine with Frosti going home? What kind of business do you think Jeff needs to take care of with them?


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