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After two pretty funny episodes, Nip/Tuck gets back to the soapy drama, and not coincidentally, the return to the scene of Matt, Kinder and Julia. Is it just me, or did those first couple episodes feel like a weight had been lifted from the series? By the end of the second episode, Julia was back, though, and Matt with the third, and with them the series' fancy face-lift seemed to just snap back into wrinkle city.

The offscreen story is of course Portia de Rossi playing Julia's love interest, a role that mirrors her coming out of the closet as Ellen DeGeneres' girlfriend, but the scenes between her and Joely Richardson don't really generate any heat. Liz is the first to point out that Julia's merely visiting Lesbania, and even though she has one last fling with Christian, Liz's comments still ring true. Hopefully she's truly just visiting L.A., as it was much better without her. Same goes for Matt and Kimber, and their meth-addled hotel room (to the tune of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab."

There were plenty of great music turns this week, with Devo's take on "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" playing while a plastic surgery addict gets a cleft chin (like mine, I bet). Later, The Waitresses' "I Know What Boys Like" serenades Sean as jailbait Eden works overtime trying to make him uncomfortable about her sexuality. And finally, Rogue Wave's apt "California" plays as Christian finds out that both golden hair (Julia) and golden state really aren't for him at all ("screw California" starts the songs lyrics). Wasn't that Shutters (and where Christian later poaches the gigolo trick)? It's the only hotel I've stayed at in the area (for work, not to 'take my shitter') so I'm probably just projecting my own limited memory.

Meanwhile, over on House, for the contemplative third act ballad, Joseph Arthur's "My Home is in Your Head" was an interesting choice for the drama. It's a hard-to-find track (from the EP And the Thieves Are Gone), so I'm afraid you're on your own for that one -- happy hunting!

Playlist: Nip/Tuck Ep 5.03

1. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - Devo - Sean and Christian discuss Julia's lesbian turn while performing Everett Poe's chin surgery

2. "I Know What Boys Like" - The Waitresses - Sean explains Eden’s hymen reconstructive surgery to Olivia / Sean pre-exams Eden

3. "California" - Rogue Wave - Christian and Julia on the beach / making love

4. "Rehab" - Amy Winehouse - Matt and Kimber take meth and make love in a hotel room

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Bonus Playlist: Since I was in Mexico last week, here's the comp for that episode (which would've been a better one to discuss, I'm realizing).

Nip/Tuck Ep 5.02

1. "Blues For Mothers" - Henry Mancini - Joyce Monroe consultation

2. "I Wanna Be Loved By You" - Marilyn Monroe - Sean performs surgery on Joyce and discusses his new-found fame with Christian

3. "Blue Satin" - Henry Mancini - Sharon Monroe pleads for Christian to do her surgery

4. "Don't You Want Me" - The Human League - Christian posing for Playgirl magazine

5. "Can’t Stand Losing You" - The Police - Sean performs post-gastric bypass surgery on Kate

6. "Beast Of Burden" - Rolling Stones - Christian and Olivia play pool while Sean and Julia talk

7. "Perpetuate The Cycle" - Jed and Lucia - Sean and Christian talk about Julia's new relationship with Olivia at the bar

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