Movie of the Week: Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster

This week's free film is the classic Godzilla Vs. The Smog Monster (1971). This 11th Godzilla movie features Hedorah, an alien lifeform that feeds off of pollution.

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Godzilla Vs. The Smog Monster

Director: Yoshimitsu Banno

Writer: Yoshimitsu Banno

Producer: Tomoyuki Tanaka

Starring: Akira Yamauchi, Toshie Kimura, Hiroyuki Kawase, Keiko Mari, Toshio Shiba

Studio: Toho Co. Ltd.

Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi


Godzilla vs. Hedorah, also known as Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster, is a 1971 film. The eleventh film in Toho Co. Ltd.'s Godzilla series, it was directed by Yoshimitsu Banno with special effects by Teruyoshi Nakano. The score was composed by Riichiro Manabe.

Hedorah was an alien lifeform that landed on Earth and began feeding on pollution. Thanks to his toxic nature, as well as his acidic, poisonous body, Hedorah very nearly put an end to Godzilla in their struggle. Godzilla finally put an end to Hedorah by completely drying him out using electrical generators set up by the military and his own radioactive breath. The movie contains several strange impressionistic animated scenes portraying the smog monster at his evil work.

-From Wikipedia