Gossip Girl: We're Already Playing Musical Boyfriends!

This show had better be careful, or they're gonna start running out of couplings fast. I suppose it's just as well, what with the writer's strike halting production new episodes. But let's see where we're at after half a season: Serena's been with Dan and Nate; Dan's been with Serena and Vanessa; Nate's been with Blair and Serena. Chuck's basically tried to rape the entire cast, including the small children. And, this week, Chuck made his true feelings for Blair known, and it looks like we may have a new coupling on our hands.

As Dan decided to make Blair's birthday party the setting of Vanessa and Serena's female bonding (which takes place over a video game; girls do not bond over video games, sorry), Blair is hoping to salvage her relationship with Nate, who, of course, is utterly uninterested in her. But Nate's parents, who now face losing everything as his dad is brought up on embezzlement charges and Blair's mom plans to drop Nate's father's firm as her company goes public, pressure him into getting back together with her. To save the family, they say. Do people really live like this still? Pressuring their 18-year-old kids to get married for the sake of an IPO? Man, I hope not.

Anyway, Nate eventually decides he's not going to get back together with Blair, because, you know, he's totally all hard for Serena, and he blows her off on her birthday. Instead of attending Blair's party, he spends the evening walking around the park doing totally platonic stuff with Jenny, who's currently on Blair's shit list. Someone snaps a photo of the two of them together and sends it to Gossip Girl, who's quick to make sure the photo makes the rounds.

This state of affairs sends Blair spiraling downward and landing in the arms of Chuck Bass, who, to be fair, bought her a killer diamond necklace for her birthday. Serena walks in on them sucking face, and it's only a matter of time before Nate hears about this and some shit goes down. Yay!

Oh, and Jenny drags her mom back home, and she and Rufus have sex and stuff. Parent stuff is so boring. I am excited for when they're really out of ideas, and we get to see the Rufus-and-Blair-are-in-love storyline. Then I'll care.

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