Katie Cassidy Arrested for Underage Drinking

It's the Cassidy curse. Sometimes fame isn't all that fun, honey.

I love this story because, when police asked her about her age, she gave them a fake name and said she was 21. They then asked her what her birthday was. "4-29-84," she responded. That would have made her 23. When the police pointed this out to her, she admitted her real name and age. Katie, you suck at lying to the cops. You have to have this stuff down pat. I offer seminars on the third Tuesday of the month if you're interested.

Her BAC was .16, twice the legal limit. Ouch!

This is my favorite part: When Katie's mom was contacted, she wanted to know "what could be done," since her daughter was a "high-profile" actress. (High profile my ass!) When a cop replied that the arrested performer would have to appear in court to answer misdemeanor charges (minor in possession and false reporting to a law enforcement agent), Cassidy's mother explained that her daughter "didn't have time to come back to court."

Ha ha ha ha. She'll have to make time. She's due back in December.

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