Kevin Connolly Buys a Ring for Julianne Hough

Looks like the 33-year-old actor is really going after the 19-year-old dancer from Dancing with the Stars.

The Entourage star, 33, recently stopped by Los Angeles's Tracy Allen Fine Jewelry and plunked down several thousand dollars on a diamond and18-karat, white-gold ring for Dancing with the Stars beauty Julianne Hough.

A store patron says Connolly "knew exactly what he was going to get her and was clear about who it was for."

Hough even wore the ring on Monday's performance show, when she and partner Helio Castroneves did the paso doble and the fox trot.

Julianne had her rep be all like, "We're just friends," but I think it's clear that Kevin wants it to be a little something more.

First he dates a 23-year-old Nicky Hilton, then he was linked to 22-year-old Haylie Duff, and now he's pursuing a 19-year-old dancer?

Watch your step there, Kevin. A couple more girls and you'll be into jailbait range.

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