New DVD Spin: Cannibal Gods, Hillbilly Lagoons, Grindhouses and (Gasp!) Penn. Train Stations

Mountain of the Cannibal God (Blue Underground)

Ah, don't you love classic Italian cinema? The Bicycle Thief, La

Dolce Vita, 8 1/2, that 1979 cannibal movie with Ursula

Andress and Stacy Keach...

When her anthropologist husband disappears

in New Guinea, Susan Stevenson (Andress, the original Bond girl)

convinces her colleague Dr. Edward Foster (Keach) to lead her into the

dark heart of the deadly jungle. But while exploring the forbidden

mountain of Ra-Rami, the expedition participants are attacked and

captured by a tribe of primitive natives. Even if they can escape the

barbaric tortures of these flesh-eating savages, can Susan survive the

depraved lust of their Cannibal God?

The U.K. banned Mountain of the Cannibal God (originally La

montagna del dio cannibale) until 2001 for its graphic violence and

declared the film a "

target="_blank">video nasty."

The DVD presents this multiple career downturn in anamorphic

widescreen 2.35:1, mono audio, and with PR copy boasting that the film

"has been completely restored from original vault materials and now

includes the legendary and never-before-seen footage of deviant

sexuality from the private collection of director Sergio Martino (Torso)."

Creature from the Hillbilly Lagoon (Pop Cinema)

"It turns rednecks into deadnecks." That's the tag line. Seriously.

Nonetheless, now you can get yours with an audio commentary,

behind-the-scenes material and all those deleted scenes that

(wee-doggy!) weren't good enough for the final cut.

Welcome to the Grindhouse: Superchick / Hustler Squad


Welcome to the Grindhouse: Las Vegas Lady / Policewomen

(BCI Eclipse)

You just know that Quentin Tarantino shows these real-deal 1970s

exploitation films as first-date movies.

"To salute this film revolution of a bygone era, BCI presents a line

of DVD double features that recreate the ephemeral experience of the

Grindhouse theaters with a whole new, interactive DVD experience.

Featuring back-to-back film presentations, complete with movie

trailers, commercials and an intermission, you can now enjoy the

exploitative nature of exclusively licensed, cult films in the comfort

of your own home."

So all they're missing are the gum on the floor and that funky smell

you can't quite identify. In anamorphic widescreen.

Pennsylvania Train Stations: Restored and Revitalized

(Inecom Entertainment Company)

From Shoeyville to Chestnut Ridge, DiSalvo's Station Restaurant to

Youghiogheny Glass -- and even East Mahanoy Junction! "Produced by Penn

State Public Broadcasting, this film captures the charm and nostalgic

beauty of stations brought back to life in exciting and unusual ways."

This DVD edition is unlikely to include never-before-seen footage of

deviant sexuality from the private collection of director Sergio



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Mark Bourne