What2Watch: Wednesday Night

10pm on BRAVO: Project Runway! Project Runway! We're on pins and needles in our house for the fourth season of PR. For the kickoff competition Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn challenge the designers to express who they are without restrictions. Is it bad that I wish Tim Gunn was my dad? Just kidding dad (he doesn't read this anyway).

8pm on The CW: The promos say Heather reaches her boiling point on America's Next Top Model this week. I've been afraid of that. I hope the promo writers are just being dramatic and nothing bad happens with Heather. I'm pulling for her to win. I'll tell you what I've reached a boiling point on, those horrible "My Life as a Cover Girl" commercials they are making Jasleen do. She's pretty and all, but she shouldn't be doing commercials with so much talking. Maybe we could learn about her life more silently. Sorry, maybe it's just me.

9pm on The CW: It's Blair's super-sweet seventeenth birthday on Gossip Girl. But things aren't going so hot for Blair these days (unless you count losing your virginity to that sleazebag Chuck Bass in the back of a limo hot), so my guess is her birthday will have a few hitches. The show is getting a lot better. I think old Nate needs a hug.

Also Worth Watching (Isn't Project Runway enough?):

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