Kid Nation: Not Even Close To Fair

The winds of change began blowin' through Bonanza City this week on Kid Nation. Upon reading the magical journal left by long gone "settlers," some of the town council leaders felt that switching around some members of their districts would do the town good. Laurel did not want to get rid of anybody from her team though They've won four stars and they work hard as a team and they win a lot and... excuses, excuses, excuses! What a selfish little girl. I thought the premise of the show was to make a town that would work together to become better than any town run by grownups. Silly me.

When the town council announced that there would be a change in the districts, the kids almost came unglued. Fortunately or unfortunately for them, there really wasn't much of a change that would be made. Anjay and Guylan traded Emilie and Nathan between their districts. Zach made the big score though, by snatching Blaine from Anjay's team. Can you say Gregplosion? That boy went crazy about losing his best friend Blaine. He really perplexes me sometimes. He can be so nice at one moment and then be freaking crazy the next. Emilie welcomed the chance to be on a team that would appreciate her and she got to work making sure she was pulling her fair share. Nathan, on the other hand, thought his going to the red team was stupid and they didn't accept him much at all. I was glad to see Mike finally welcome him and apologize for his actions towards him earlier.

At the showdown, each team had a mining sled and a pile of rocks to work with. The object of the task was to be the first team to cross the finish line with their sled to win upper class status. To win reward for the town, the teams would have to haul a combined one-ton of rocks to the finish line. The catch was that the teams could carry as much or as little of the rocks in the sled as they wanted. So would the teams work for the town or would they work for themselves?

The blue team was out of the starting gate first and while they were maneuvering the obstacle course with their sled and load of rocks, the yellow team began hauling their own load. There really was no competition for first place however. The blue district won it by a mile and became the new upper class. The yellow district (thanks to Blaine) came in second and would be the merchant class. The green team came in third and would be the cooks while the red team brought up the rear and would be the laborers. But how many pounds of rock did the teams haul? Would they have enough for reward?

Needing an average of 500 pounds per team for the whole ton, the teams came up short. The blue team hauled 480 pounds; yellow hauled 460 pounds; green hauled 420 pounds; and the red team needing to have hauled 640 pounds hauled 485 pounds. After finding out that his team hauled the most rocks, Guylan accused the other teams of being more concerned with their status than the good of the town. Sophia didn't take too kindly to that little remark and called him some kind of nasty name that was bleeped and blurred out. Whatever it was, the kids cheered her on while Guylan just wanted to crawl into a hole. The girls on the green team are some pretty pieces of work aren't they?

The nominations for the gold star really only came down to being between Hunter and Blaine. Hunter was a new kid that was introduced this week. He's a religious little fellow that seems to work hard for the town and has been overshadowed by the other green winners (according to Laurel). Blaine, now out of Greg's shadow, has stepped up into a leadership role within his new yellow team and has worked hard to get them all on track.

At the town hall meeting, Blaine voiced to the others that he was happy about the switch while Greg said he was still unhappy about it. Greg went so far as to call out Anjay for what he thought was a poor decision by saying Mallory was more of a man than Anjay was. Ouch. Laurel was called shallow for not changing her green team up and then Anjay and Laurel went at it between themselves. A lot of hard feelings were going around in Bonanza City. When the grownup asked if any of the kids wanted to leave, a little blonde girl named Randi raised her hand. She missed her family and animals... and she left, much to Taylor's displeasure. See, she had been one of Taylor's little worshipers. Sorry Taylor! You have one less princess in your court.

Finally, it was announced: Blaine received the gold star. He was all excited and wanted to call his parents, but first the grownup asked the kids if any of them approved of the job the council had done so far. Only one kid raised his hand -- Blaine. When he was the only one to raise his hand, I literally laughed out loud. The grownup told them it's time for another election (woohoo!) and asked who wanted to run for their district's leader position. DK will be running against Guylan; Blaine against Zach; Greg against Anjay; and, in a shocker, Michael will be running against Laurel.

Personally, I'm ready for all new leaders so I hope they all win. I can't wait for the drama in Bonanza City next week!


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