Cable Has Crime Dramas to Get You Through the Strike

I have a confession to make. I am a crime show junkie.

Law & Order, Cold Case, Without A Trace... you name it, I can't get enough. People like me are the reason there are umpteen spin-offs of CSI. (I heard CSI: Poughkeepsie is coming soon!)

No matter what the show, I love watching the mystery unfold, keeping my eyes peeled for subtle clues, and trying to solve the case myself before the program ends.

I even love watching the same episodes over again, to see if I can spot a clue that I missed the first time.

I know I am not alone in my love of crime shows. Millions of us are hooked. So now, along comes this WGA strike threatening to put some of our favorite programs on hiatus for a while. Not to worry! I figured out a long time ago where to catch the best crime shows in syndication. And I'm happy to share the information with all my fellow crime-drama-devotees.

Let's start with the big dog -- Law & Order on TNT. You can find episodes almost every night at 7pm, with others scattered throughout the day, and not just old episodes either. You can often catch shows from last season. Frequently, you can catch a "mini-marathon" of three or four episodes in a row.

TNT is also the place to find episodes of Cold Case, every Tuesday night at 8pm.

If sex crimes are more to your liking, then you'll want Law & Order: SVU on USA every weeknight at 8pm. Most nights they show back-to-back episodes, and like TNT, USA will frequently have SVU marathons and show episodes throughout the day too. Check their website for listings.

USA is also the new home of my personal favorite show, Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The show got the boot from broadcast last season, but has been picked up by one of NBC Universal's many cable offshoots. New episodes of Criminal Intent air every Thursday night at 10pm.

For forensic fanatics, C.S.I. on Spike TV is the place for you. Spike shows at least three hours of CSI at least six nights a week.

When you get tired of Grissom and the gang, then switch on over to CSI: Miami on A&E weeknights at 8pm. You can usually find episodes before and after 8pm too.

If all that isn't enough to fix your crime-drama habit, then there's always episodes of The District on A&E every morning at 7am. That's when you know you have a problem.

Ethan Morris: "Not always right, but never in doubt." Go ahead and write me.