Michael Bay Plans to Keep Transformers 2 To Himself

If Michael Bay didn't leak anything from Transformers 2, would people still be interested?

God bless Michael Bay. No, really. I'm serious. I love me some Michael Bay. And to be perfectly honest, I pretty much always have. Here's a guy who takes an unending amount of heat from critics and the more critically-minded, who despite their requisite intelligence and taste can never seem to grasp who exactly Michael Bay is. Oh sure, they'll clutch their Russ Meyer laser discs to their breast and praise Meyer for his trashy brilliance. And they'll sing for weeks about the audacious-for-the-sake-of-being-audacious John Waters and the base humor in his films. But take the same kind of tack with sleek cars, fast women and explosions? Well, you must be a hack.

No, I love Michael Bay. The man is an artist. No one, and I mean NO ONE, blows things up better than him. He paints massive action canvasses with chaos and disorder. He orchestrates the annihilation of entire cities just to make our heroes' tasks that much more necessary. And when he has two cars chase one another you know half a city block is going to get leveled in the process, whether by stray trolley car, stray boat or stray bullet.

So when I hear that Michael Bay is going to slow down on feeding information to the net and instead potentially feed us misinformation? I say, "Good for him!" He was a great guy last time around. You wanted Optimus, he showed you Optimus. You wanted to see something transform, he showed you how it transformed. You wanted pics from the set, he leaked out pics from the set. And what did he get for his trouble?

OMG! Flames on Optimus! And Bumblebee was a Volkswagen! And who could forget Damn you, Michael Bay! (which he reportedly had printed on T-shirts). But when people walked out of Transformers no one talked about flames or mouth guards or Volkswagens. They talked about Giant Alien Robots tearing apart cities like they were made of cardboard, without looking like they were men in suits smashing cities made of cardboard.

So Mikey wants to keep a wrap on the surprises he has in store for us next time? He wants to cut off the intentional leaks and let fans experience it as a whole rather than nine months of promotional stills? Well then, God bless him. You've seen the first Transformers. You know what's in store for you. You're either signed up or you aren't. At this point no tidbit or photograph is going to change anyone's mind.

For me Transformers 2 can't arrive soon enough. But frankly, I can wait for film to see the money shots.

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