Survivor: Jeff, I Have It!

Ni hao! This week's Survivor certainly didn't disappoint in the entertainment department. One fan favorite came ridiculously close to leaving and another castaway showed just how smart she was.

At the Fei Long camp on night 18 after Sherea's booting, Courtney's fellow tribe members were questioning her vote for Jean-Robert. Courtney let us know that she dislikes everybody but dislikes Todd and Amanda less than the others. She said Todd and Amanda mistook that for friendship and then flashed a wonderfully evil smile. That was by far one of the best Courtney moments so far this season.

On day 19, after Peih-Gee had a little "trust" talk with James, he found himself alone at camp while the others were down at the river. James pulled one of the square wooden symbols off of the archway, but it wasn't the Hidden Immunity Idol. So he went around to the other side and grabbed the other. The second one was the correct one, but he didn't get a chance to put the wrong one back before the others arrived back at camp.

Later that day Jaime noticed a wooden square missing from the archway and found it on the ground. Eric thought it looked "idol-ish" and put it in his bag. That evening, Jaime (with Eric there) goes through James' bag to see if he has the other one. Sure enough, she found two of them wrapped up in a pair of his pants. Then Survivor ticked me off by going to commercial. I wanted to find out what she did!

James noticed the blank square (the one he wasn't able to replace) missing the next day and knows that one of them (Jaime or Eric) picked it up. He said he loved knowing that Jaime could have the blank one thinking that it was the real Hidden Immunity Idol. While laughing, he goes on to imagine what her reaction would be if she pulled it out at tribal council to use it only for Jeff to tell her it was not an Immunity Idol.

Both teams show up for what would normally be a competition later that day only to have Jeffypoo tell them to drop their buffs. They're merging! He doles out their black buffs, tells them they'll all be living at Fei Long's camp, and that they have to design their new flag and come up with a new name for their tribe when they get back to camp. But first, they get to take part in a merge feast complete with Chinese cultural performances. Before leaving for that Jeff told them to keep in mind that the game never stops. While Jean-Robert did wonder what Jeff meant by that at first, he dropped it from his mind and everybody enjoyed the food and the show.

After the show and back at the new/old camp, Jean-Robert cracked an awkward racial joke in James' direction while they were trying to figure out what to name their tribe. See, they wanted to incorporate "black" in the name and with James being black Jean-Robert thought he would be funny. After the deafening silence, Frosti tries to save the moment by saying that himself and Peih-Gee were on a yellow team. Allrighty then. They eventually settled on Hae Da Fung, which means black fighting wind.

They have a visitor! And it's Jeff! Surprise! It's time to play a game for immunity and it will be held right there at their camp! After being reminded that the game never stops, they were told they would have to answer questions based on their recollection of events that happened during the feast and competition. Did I mention there had been alcohol consumed at the feast?

James, Amanda, Courtney, and Peih-Gee were eliminated on the first question. The remaining tribe members all answered the second question correctly. Todd, Jean-Robert, Denise, and Eric were out on the third question. Time for the fourth question and either Frosti or Jaime will win immunity. Four cultural dancers with long flowing skirts wore what on their feet? Frosti got lucky and wrote down "nothing" and wins immunity! Dancing his way over to Jeff, he's the first owner of this season's ugly immunity necklace.

Day 21 at Hae Da Fung: James was talking to Todd about his having both of the Immunity Idols and said that he thinks Eric or Jaime has the blank one. Todd thinks that would be great. When James told Amanda about the situation she thinks Jaime has it and wants to boot Jaime out at Tribal Council. Later, Jean-Robert and Todd have a little chat. Jean-Robert tells Todd that if Todd and Amanda screw him over (Jean-Robert thinks he's their third wheel) that Todd will be the one he holds responsible and would lobby against him something hard if he finds himself on the jury.

The second best part of this week's show happens next. Jaime and Eric tell Frosti that they have the Hidden Immunity Idol and tells him what they found in James' bag. (They didn't switch anything! They still have the blank idol! LMAO!) Jaime then told Todd that she knows who has one Immunity Idol and knows who has the other two. Jaime is making herself look like such a big fool and I love it. Todd told us that Jaime is on the small bike in the back trying to catch up and then we hear Jaime telling us she's good at playing stupid and that Todd would be surprised if she played the idol that night. Poor girl.

After the standard questioning by Jeff at Tribal Council, it's time to vote. They only showed us Jaime's vote for Jean-Robert and Courtney writing down a "J" and didn't even show James voting. Regardless, it's time to tally the votes. Stop Jeff! Jaime tells him she wants to play the Immunity Idol and gives it to Jeff. Jeff told her that it wasn't an immunity idol and threw it in the fire. One of the best Survivor moments ever! Meanwhile, James was having a hard time trying not to bust out into laughter. Jaime knew she was a goner at that point.

Jaime was pissed as her name kept getting called by Jeff and sure enough, by a vote of 6-3, she is out of there and is now the first member of the jury. In her closing words, she told us she's just too nice for Survivor and wishes Eric and Peih-Gee the best of luck. She hated that she trusted James. As far as the Immunity Idol, she said it was worth a shot playing it. Go have a drink girl. You'll need one as you think about things more.

Next week on Survivor, Todd wants to blindside James and get both immunity idols out of play and Peih-Gee makes a power play. Wonder what that means?

What did you think about this week's Survivor? How would you feel if you were Jaime?


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