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There are many Star Wars fanatics out there who might be on your gift list but here's a gift that they couldn't possibly have yet. It's the "Star Wars Imperial Death Star Briefing Action Figure Set.” C’mon, anyone can get a Millennium Falcon ship but not everyone can hold intergalactic meetings! For bonus points you could incorporate your own flowcharts and PowerPoint presentations. Scoop it up!
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They’ve recently started re-airing Voltron on the cartoon networks “Adult Swim” nightly programming. The show is so good it’s sick. Robot tigers that form a GIANT robot. Stunning in its simplicity, stunning in its genius. If you buy me this Voltron toy I will kiss you.
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I know you’re worried about how your movie friends view you. Well, beat them to the punch with the super nice Spiderman Three poster. This isn’t the normal quasi-friendly Spidey either; this thing is all black and suitable for framing. Now when your friends come over they’ll quickly deduce you’re the real deal.
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Kiera Knightley will never be your girlfriend. Ever. But if you go to the life size celebrity cutouts page on the Hollywood Megastore site you can get a very lovely 5’ 8” version of her looking sultry.
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It’s a universally known fact that ALF makes the world a better place. In fact, I can’t think of anything better than bringing ALF into my kitchen with this stylish and handy ALF apron. Now you don’t have to leave the Melmacian behind just because it’s supper time.
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