Spears Sisters Catfight in Bel Air!

When Britney's mom and sister flew into L.A. over the weekend to be with Britney, we all had high hopes. Maybe the two of them could talk some sense into Britney. There was talk of an attempted -- and failed -- intervention. And then, Sunday evening, Britney and her little sister, Jamie-Lynn, went to dinner at the Beverly Glen Center, one of Britney's favorite places to rendezvous with the paparazzi.

A local resident approached the swarm of paparazzi, and screamed at Britney that "nobody wants you in this neighborhood." The photogs all rushed to Britney's defense, as did Jamie-Lynn, who got in the woman's face and gave her a piece of her (foul-mouthed) mind. You can check out video and pics of the catfight here.

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