Rob Thomas Gets Another Shot at Cupid

Somebody pinch me. As a big fan of Rob Thomas' first series Cupid, I'm beside myself today with the news that ABC has given Thomas the go-ahead to reboot his first series from 1998. The series only lasted 15 episodes, but still has a cult following to this day, and helped pave the way for Thomas to create Veronica Mars. For those that missed it, Jeremy Piven starred as Trevor Hale, a man claiming to be the Greco-Roman god Cupid stripped of his power until he brings 100 couples together to prove his worth to the gods. Showkiller Paula Marshall starred as the court-appointed shrink assigned to help him get over his delusions, and the chemistry between her and Piven was part of what made the show so special.

Another thing that made it special was the use of The Pretenders song "Human" as the theme. Someone on YouTube has got all the episodes up, so check them out (before someone realizes their worth and takes them down).

Song: "Human" by Pretenders (Theme song to Cupid)

As to why ABC is so willing to go back and redo a failed (but loved) series, all you have to do is look at some of their current crop. We've already established Cavemen and Carpoolers are pretty horrible. If Cupid 2.0 can get up and running quickly, that coveted slot behind Grey's Anatomy wasted by the equally putrid Big Shots will probably be available by mid-season.

One thing not in Cupid 2.0's favor is there will be no Piven. Because of this little show called Entourage, he won't be available to reprise this role, which was perfect for him -- a quick-witted smart-ass with a penchant for caffeinated histrionics, basically playing every character he's ever done. Those are tough shoes to fill, but I'm sure they won't have trouble getting someone to take the role. Any ideas? Alan Sepinwall (TV critic for NJ's The Star-Ledger) suggests Firefly's Alan Tudyk, which seems like a fine idea. Let's throw in a couple more, both comedians and both named Jason: The Daily Show's Jason Jones, and SNL's Jason Sudeikis. Who can you see filling Piven's shoes?

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