8PM on The CW: It's makeover night on America's Next Top Model, thank God!

9PM on NBC: Am I the only one that hasn't warmed up to the new Bionic Woman? I thought last week's episode was so boring, after I invested 50 minutes into watching it, I turned my DVR off. But TV Guide tells me that BW is the fall's butt-kicking new hit, so I'll give it another chance.

9PM on Bravo: The Top Chef Reunion could be a little boring because all the cheftestants got along with each other this year, except Howie.

9PM on The CW: Why is everything on at 9? To be honest I haven't had time to watch last week's Gossip Girl, so don't tell me what happens. I'll DVR tonight's episode and get caught up sometime soon, I hope.