Sex and the City Movie Predictions

Sex and the City. Some people love it more than they can express, and some people hate it so much that they go out of their way to hate on it. If you're basically an acolyte in the Church of Carrie Bradshaw, then this is the place for you, although I suppose the haters are welcome as well.

For those who've lived in a dark cold airless room with no television for ten years, Sex and the City is about four successful women living in New York attempting to find love and happiness. Now, I am an ardent fan of the show: it's funny; it can be very witty; and it is especially insightful into the lives of women. Perhaps not in the broad strokes, but in the fine details. When this project first came to light, I was unsure how they could stretch just enough of a story out of where the show ended, but let's take a look.

So Far: Carrie Bradshaw is the main character and Mr. Big is that person she can't ever get away from, the person she loves so deeply and would do nearly anything for, though he treats her well sometimes and horribly the rest of the time. At the end of the series, Big had a change of heart. He decided he loves Carrie, and we were left with Carrie and Big finally together, after a tumultuous romance.

The Bottom Line: Early spoilers indicate that Carrie will marry Big, but apart from that, there's no clear plot line that has leaked. I would love to see Carrie finally happy, while maintaining her independence and verve. Whether this is with Big or not is debatable. His last minute change of heart in the series left me somewhat unconvinced.

So Far: Miranda, the no-nonsense red head, goes from being the tough lawyer to having a child, marrying a bartender, and moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

The Bottom Line: I'd love to see Miranda and her family doing well, but I feel the most ominous about this relationship. Miranda had a tendency towards neurotic behavior on occasion during the show. Though we left things on a good note, it's entirely possible that she'll mess it up somehow.

So Far: Charlotte, the spunky and ever-positive brunette, has wanted a happy home life. After one failed marriage, she re-married and is now in the process of adopting.

The Bottom Line: Charlotte has always wanted a child, and early spoilers indicate that she is pregnant at some point during the film, though some fans have dismissed this. I suspect that she will in fact be pregnant, and even give birth during the movie.

So Far: Samantha, the sexually free blond, has slept with nearly all the men in Manhattan, averaging anywhere from one to two an episode. At the end of the series, she was in a committed relationship and had survived breast cancer.

The Bottom Line: Samantha will remain the comic relief, the driving sexual force in the show. I also have no idea what they will do with her character. As somewhat of an enigma even when the show was on air, Samantha is ever unpredictable.

The Over All Bottom Line: The costuming so far looks fabulous: Patricia Field has outdone herself yet again. Chris Noth, who plays Mr. Big, has issued a fair warning to anyone who sees early photos from the set that they should take it all with a grain of salt, and that they don't know the full extent of the plot.