Al Pacino Deserves a Star!

Al Pacino

Oscar winner and eight-time nominee. He's also won a career Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, plus four Golden Globes. And an Emmy. And a Golden Apple, which I'm informed, is a real thing.

Box Office Success:
Heat made $170m a dozen years ago. The Godfather grossed $245m back in 1972, which, adjusted for inflation is around $900m.

Level of Fame:
Al Pacino? There are guys who have never seen running water that know who Pacino is. He could have most of us killed with a simple nod. If he's not a star I clearly don't

know how this works.

Who Has One Instead?
The Dear Abby radio program. Yes, many people have gotten advice from Abby over the years, but for sheer star power whom would you rather have at your celebrity auction? Al Pacino? Or Dear Abby? Exactly.

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