Kid Nation: Salvation in the Nation

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Kid Nation was interesting. Religious wars. Cute kids. Drinking to escape depression.

What one thing isn't like the others? Oh wait. They were all a part of the most recent episode.

The show begins on Day 11 and the council members are reading the "journal" from April 11, 1885. The original settlers of Bonanza City recommend them feeding themselves. Not with hot pizza. Not with cold biscuits. With religion. The original long gone settlers believe it would be good if the new settlers prayed. I doubt they could have foreseen the Jew Crew (don't stone me - the kids said it, I didn't) or high-fiving while yelling "Christians rule!"

The council members think it would be best if there was one religious service that covered the religions represented among the town: Christian, Jewish, Muslim. That suggestion didn't really go over that well. Olivia thought there should be separate services as did Divad. Alex, the cute little nine-year-old, thought one service was a good idea. Regardless, the council decides there will be one service and too bad if all of the kids don't like the idea.

Guess what? It came time for the service and nobody showed. Little Savannah was used to going to Pentecostal services and didn't want to be in the same service with Jews. Cody decided he didn't want to be part of any kind of conflict and decided against the whole thing. Greg didn't think there should be a set service, Morgan was afraid that this would tear the town apart. She didn't want that to happen! Oh, how cute.

However, Morgan wasn't afraid of getting together a little prayer service before bedtime that night. She spread the word and all who wanted to come were invited. Several of the kids led the others in prayer; Zach sang a Jewish prayer and later said he thought that Morgan deserved the gold star for bringing all of them together regardless of their religious affiliations.

It's now Day 12 and it's time for a showdown. Playing on the religious theme of the night's show, the competition is a modern kid version of a steeplechase. Each district (yellow, green, blue, and red) has to put together a puzzle in the shape of a church steeple. After doing that, the kids need to turn a wheel in charge of a pulley that will raise their steeple upright. The first district to do that and cross the finish line will win first place and become the upper class. This week, if all of the teams accomplish their raising within 30 minutes, they will win a reward.

The blue and red districts were really the only ones in contention for the win. The yellow and green teams just couldn't get it together (thank goodness). The blue district won and are the new upper class. The red district came in second place and are the merchants. The yellow district finished third (cooks again) and the green team came in last (laborers). Of course, all of them finished within the 30 minutes and Bonanza City will receive one of two rewards.

The choices? One setup of a complete round of miniature golf or a library of holy books. The council decided not to make the decision for everybody this week and let the town vote on it. The holy books won. No, really.

Later that evening, Cody is depressed and reading over a letter he received from his girlfriend Ashley. She's been his girlfriend since the third grade and he misses her. He decided to go to the soda saloon and drink a root beer to get missing her off his mind. I'm sorry but that kid listens to too much country music and his parents really need to have a talk with him. I can only imagine how things will be with him in a few years. Forgive me, I have strayed off subject.

Now it's Day 13 and the kids wake up to snow falling. It's Christmas, except it's not December and there are no presents. Well, except for one lucky gold star winner later that day.

In the town council meeting, the grownup (can never remember his name and does it really matter?) asks for a show of hands among the children concerning their approval of the council. Many of them don't approve and I'm shocked. Not really. The next question is the good ol' wanting to know if any of them want to leave Bonanza City. Oh Cody. Cody wants to go home because he misses his family. His BFF Campbell has a really hard time with it and is crying (along with Cody) and they hug each other before Cody leaves the building. Finally, it's time to find out who will be awarded the gold star.

The council had been considering Morgan, Zach, and Greg (did we even see Greg in this show for longer than a second?) for the honor. And the winner is... (*drum roll*) Morgan. She wins $20,000 and is super excited about getting to call her parents. Of course, they're proud of her. They'd better be!

Sadly, the show ends with Campbell drowning his sorrows in the saloon with a drink in honor of his good friend Cody. He vowed to stick it out just for him.

Next week? It's finally time to elect new council members. Toodles Taylor!


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