Britney Spears' Naked Crotch Has Lost Its Magic

Ah, I remember the heyday of the Britney Spears crotch shot. It was around a year ago, and word spread like wildfire: "There's a Britney Spears crotch shot on the Internet." All across the known universe, people ran to their computers to get a look at the Princess of Pop's naked hoo-hoo. My own gossip blog, mere months old at that time, received over 100,000 hits each day from people searching for the photos.

And then there was another one. And another one. And another one still. There was one after her atrocious VMA performance that you probably didn't even hear about -- the world cared more about how disappointing her show was than about the fact that she hadn't worn underwear later that night.

So you probably don't know that there was another one on Thursday afternoon, after she left court. My blog is on the front page of a Google search for "Britney Spears crotch shot," and, still, it's barely had an impact on traffic. The most amusing part of this is that, of the people who do arrive at my blog from search engines, many of them having been searching for "Britney Spears crotch shot October 11." People know they need to specify exactly which Britney Spears crotch shot they want to see, lest they be caught in a web of the 800 less recent photos of Britney Spears' naughty bits.

Britney, honey, we've got the numbers to prove it: nobody cares about your vagina anymore.

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