The Weekly Links: Star Trek Casting plus Michael Mann Teams with Will Smith

Star Trek announcements: Simon Pegg as Scotty and half of Harold and Kumar as Sulu in new Star Trek

Star Trek Rumor: Some interesting tidbits and backstory pertaining to the actor who may be offered the new James Tiberious Kirk role in the Star Trek reboot. This smells like one of those true Career Decisions, I wish him luck.

The film Jumper has some good actors and now released a very strong trailer. For some reason reminds me a bit of Highlander

Richard Kelly, writer/director of cult favorite Donny Darko is at it again with horror film The Box, to star Cameron Diaz.

Brian De Palma in controversy over his latest film Redacted.

DiCaprio and Clooney weigh taking Broadway play Farragut North to the big screen.

TV show Land of the Lost finds a director and headed to big screen.

The issues and obstacles of moving toward Digital 3-D.

Will there ever be a Deadwood movie? Don't hold your breath.

Most anticipated '08 pics? No shock in the list, but still worth checking out.

Michael Mann and Will Smith to re-team in Empire.

That's it for this week. If you think I've missed a big story, let me know.

Cole Drumb | Guest Contributor

Cole is a filmmaker currently spinning himself in circles.