Denzel Washington Deserves a Star!

Denzel Washington

Two, count 'em two, Oscars. Two Golden Globes too. Two MTV Movie Awards, which counts as .0025 of an Oscar.

Box Office Success:
The Pelican Brief made $195m. Inside Man pulled down $184m. But overall Denzel's $1.5 billion in box office revenues have come from cranking out a movie a year.

Level of Fame:
If you knew Denzel Washington you could get floor seats to any sporting event in the world. He would make a call, because he has a "guy." When you're this famous you've got "a guy." None of us have "a guy." We all want one though.

Who Has One Instead?
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Hey, I loved Full House as much as the next guy but we all know that John Stamos was the true talent there.

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