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Able Edwards (2004)

Director: Graham Robertson

Writer: Graham Robertson

Producer: Steven Soderbergh

Production: Heretic Films

Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama

Starring: Scott Kelly Galbreath, Michael Shamus Wiles,

Steve Beaumont Jones, David Ury, Keri Bruno

Runtime: 87 min.


The Board of Directors of the Edwards Corporation, the leading

manufacturer of androids, is faced with stagnant market performance. In

response, they elect to reinvigorate the company by genetically

replicating their dead genius founder, Abel Edwards. The clone’s

mission will be to blaze the trail to new markets, broadening their

manufacturing base and increasing corporate earnings potential. But a

clone is a person. What does this mean for the man whose shoulders bear

this responsibility? Is Abel Edwards the reincarnation of the media

tycoon he was cloned from and whose life experiences he has been

conditioned to repeat, or is he a wholly different individual whose

life was stolen by a greedy corporate machine lacking sympathy for his

plight beyond the promise of his creation?

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