The Replay is Coming, The Replay is Coming!

Did you miss the beginning of Big Brother?

Do you have this urge to go back in time and see exactly how Eric and Jessica interracted before they were making out?

Wonder if Daniele really did spend all of her time with Nick the first few weeks?

Or perhaps you would like to see the iced tea incident between Jen and Dick - unedited as it happened.

So many things went on on the live feeds that never made the show. Now is your chance to see them virtually ‘live.’

Starting some time very shortly after the feeds end Tuesday, Real will begin replaying the entire season of feeds from start to finish. By my calculations that means you can watch the live feeds all the way until December!

I’ll do my best to figure out how th days sync up once the feeds actually begin. But my guess would be that if they start them Tuesday night then everything will be off by two days relatively speaking (things that went on on a Thursday will now happen on a Tuesday). I’m hoping that they turn them on right at 9pm Pacific Tuesday night. That would sync up perfectly with when the feeds began ‘hour of the day’ wise and make it so easy to tune in at the correct time to see events (are you hearing me Real?).

The first few weeks will be great fun to watch as we go from two left in the house right now to fourteen on Wednesday.