I Don't Think Britney Spears Actually Wants Custody of Her Kids

After a judge warned her about her substance abuse, and ordered her to be regularly tested for drugs and alcohol, and attend parenting classes if she hopes to keep custody of her children, Britney Spears celebrated by hitting up the L.A. club scene and getting drunk. Does Britney even want these kids?

On Tuesday night, Brit-Brit hit up Winston's, with singer Avril Lavigne and former assistant Alli Sims. They left Winston's at 1 a.m., and then hit up Hyde until the club closed.

"They kept bringing (Spears) shots and so they were drinking," says a fellow Hyde partier. "She was dancing on the tables trying to be really sexy, even putting a black sock over her head as a hat, and putting on a show for everyone."

Putting a black sock over her head as a hat? When I try to be sexy, that's always the first thing I go for, too. The black sock. To put on my head. I find it forms a good foundation for the lampshade. Jesus Christ.

Britney, baby, get some help.

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