The Weekly Links: Fantastic Fest, Thor, and More!

This has been a crazy week with some surprising news. France isn't content with one of their films vying for a Best Animated Oscar, A creepy guy joins Pacino on the Dali biopic, another Cormac McCarthy book is now in the pipes and great list of movies for your rental consideration. Here we go!

Here's a very nice one sheet for the Todd Haynes directed film I'm Not There.

France names the animated film Persepolis to represent France for Oscars.

Matthew Vaughn discusses his take on directing Marvel Comics Thor.

Could Juno be the next great little comedy to emerge from a film fest circuit? Check out the trailer and judge for yourself.

The criminally underrated Andrew Niccol to direct Salvador Dali biopic starring Al Pacino has now picked up Cillian Murphy to costar.

A great behind the scenes look at just how subtle CGI has become. It can assist in tone as well as background scenenery, creating just the right mood that a director like David Fincher needed for his best film to date, Zodiac.

McCarthy's The Road starts to move forward with a production date and solid director attached.

Another sad and bizarre twist to the true life Teena Brandon story that film Boys Don't Cry was based.

It appears that David Cronenberg was briefly offered a chance to direct Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Never a fan of lists other than to see what I may have missed, here's a list of great non-english language films.

Another year and another Fantastic Fest has passed me by. Hopefully I'll make it down there next year. But reviewer Massawyrm has posted a great, three part roundup of the craziness. Check out part one, two, and three.

That's it for this week. If you think I've missed a big story, let me know.

Cole Drumb | Guest Contributor

Cole is a filmmaker, currently wrestling with second feature.