Three Reasons I'm Looking Forward to 30 Days of Night

Though I'm not the biggest vampire fan, there is a style of vampire film I really like. A guy like Blade comes to

mind for my preferred method of vampiredom, a tough fella who is light on pronouncing all his words with a V. And

out there on the horizon, say Octoberish, I spy a movie that might fit the bill for the sort of down and dirty

bloodsucking that we all need every so often.

The movie is

30 Days of Night

and I'm here to give you a few reasons to consider giving it your movie-going dollar:

First off, the




Dread Central:

Comments such as "30 Days of Night grabs this hoary monster by the throat, pumps it full of the thick rich blood of

life, and shoves it out to greet you, eat you, and coat you in glorious mists of red firing from oh-so-many newly

exposed arterial sprays" AND "This is a top notch horror film that brings energy and power back to the vampire

mythos and is likely to be one of the best horror films of 2007" make my ears perk up. We're sending a writer to the

screening so we'll have the full scoop soon.

Next up, the team assembled here:

Josh Hartnett was great in the terribly underrated

Lucky Number Slevin.

I think he's slowly proving that he's leading man material. And it seems appropriate that after the cheesy

40 Days and 40 Nights

he's doing penance with a badass vampire film that's also about night. Writer Stuart Beattie helped pen the

screenplay too; he's the guy that wrote


and was one of the writers behind the

Pirates of the Caribbean

franchise. Those aren't shabby credits, eh?

Third, it's based on a graphic novel:

We've had great luck with those lately,

V for Vendetta



both come to mind. The reason is simple: a graphic novel is the best possible source material to adapt from. It's

basically a storyboard in a handy portable format. The filmmaker (David Slade) can see every shot before he ever

tackles it. What you get out of that is a story that's compact and taut while not straying from awesome visuals. It

should also be noted that David Slade helmed

Hard Candy

a few years back, a flick that had tension absolutely dripping from it, even given the tough storyline. I can't

imagine what Slade will do with unabashed vampire fun. Wait, no, I can, and that's why I'm excited for this one.