Kim Kardashian Gets Naked Again, This Time for Money

Just in case there's anyone in this country who hasn't seen Kim Kardashian naked yet, she's doing Playboy. [Derek Hail]

You know what? Mariah Carey looks awesome. [popbytes]

Oh. Hell. Yes. Maureen McCormick's writing a tell-all about her years on The Brady Bunch. And it apparently involves a lesbian love affair with Eve Plumb. This was totally worth a 30-year wait. [Agent Bedhead]

Jesus Christ, I'm going to have to start watching Gossip Girl, aren't I? [Pajiba]

Katharine McPhee just keeps scoring movie deals. [GTS]

Oh my God. Zach Morris, what the hell happened? [Holy Candy]

Hayden Panettiere's either filming Heroes or auditioning for The Next Next Karate Kid. [The Blemish]

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