Relive Summer '07 With The Season's Best DVDs

The summer season is long over but that doesn't mean the summer blockbusters are out of mind. Movies like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be making their DVD debuts soon enough. I thought it was time to rank the five summer blockbuster DVDs I'm looking forward to most.

1. The Simpsons Movie

This is tops for a number of reasons. I really enjoyed the movie, even if the first forty minutes were better than anything that followed. But the Simpsons season series box sets are among the best produced TV DVDs and I'm expecting the same high caliber treatment for the film. The commentary tracks are always among the most entertaining and that December 18th release date has me drooling with anticipation Homer-style.

2. Ratatouille

This is one of my favorite movies of the year, but the real reason I'm looking forward to this is all the delicious-tasting puns I can use to describe the DVD. Here's a couple I have so far:

This is a dish worth savoring!

It's this November's tastiest treat!

The chefs at Pixar serve up a winner!

Rat poison this ain't!

I have a ton more and yes, they all end in exclamation points.

3. Transformers

I have both built up the film and tore it down. But now, I get to have my proverbial cake. Ah, the power of chapter skipping and looping is within my grasp! Take that Michael Bay!

4. Knocked Up and Superbad

I need to see these both again so I can end the debate on which film is better overall. My take has been that Superbad is funnier but Knocked Up is the better film. But I've come across some heated arguments arguing just the opposite. Of course, watching these films again won't settle anything. But it's a pretty good excuse to veg out on the couch.

5. The Bourne Ultimatum

I'm expecting another Paul Greengrass commentary as well as a how-the-heck-did-they-do-that featurette on that outstanding Moroccan foot chase and eventual mano a mano. And oh, by the way, it was one of the very best movies of the summer. There's that too.

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