O.J. Simpson is Back in Florida

After spending a couple nights in the slammer, The Juice has returned to his home in Miami. He came up with the $150K bond to get out of jail and now awaits a court date.

As Simpson flew home to the Miami area, US Airways emptied a plane so he could board first …

Simpson sat in an aisle seat in economy class. Passengers who boarded behind him took pictures with cell phones and cameras. He nodded and smiled as they passed.

With his attorney across the aisle and his girlfriend against his shoulder, Simpson slept from Las Vegas to South Florida. When the plane touched down, he hugged [his attorney].

O.J. Simpson has a girlfriend??? Who the hell is stupid enough to date O.J. Simpson? You know, I smell a reality TV show. Instead of Rock of Love with Bret Michael or A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila, how about I'd Stick My Neck Out for O.J. Simpson?

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