Mad Men Marathon

If you haven't checked out Mad Men on AMC it's your lucky weekend. This Sunday beginning at 10AM ET, AMC will be run a special Mad Men Marathon with the first seven episodes. At we're always looking for something in movies and TV shows we've never seen before and Mad Men fits the bill. Watch some of the clips and read some of the stories we've put together and hopefully you'll see what we mean. By the way, why is it called Mad Men? The show focuses on 1960's ad execs on Madison Avenue. Get it? Mad Men.

Mad Men Gives Us a Lovely Look at the Bad Old Days

Watch the Mad Men Trailer

Music on Mad Men: A Theme of Exile Hits Madison Ave

Music on Mad Men: Classic Tunes Set the Scene for This Old Boys Club

Music on Mad Men: Disparate Housewives

Music on Mad Men: Love and Marriage Don't Mix As Well As Cocktails

Clips and Behind the Scenes

  Clip #1: Mad Men

  Clip #2: Mad Men

  Making Of Mad Men: Authenticity

  Making Of Mad Men: Advertising

  Making Of Mad Men: Green Ambition

  Making Of Mad Men: Women's Hairstyles

  Making Of Mad Men: Women's Gender Roles

  Mad Men Proving To be New TV Hit