Big Surprises for this Year's Last Big Love

I had a feeling just about everything would be resolved on the season finale of Big Love ("Oh, Pioneers"), but I can't even articulate the wrenching feeling in my gut as we say goodbye to the Henrickson clan for now.


I was blown away by the fact that Barb outed herself and the family as polygamists to their nosy neighbor Pam. Season One ended with Barb getting outed by Roman. This time around, she really did reclaim her life and took ownership over her own destiny. There's to be no more hiding, no more cowering in the shadows. It was a brave and bold move (and one, I'm sure, fraught with tons of consequences for Season Three) and one that Barb, as a character, absolutely had to make. I loved how she gripped Margene's hand after delivering the news to Pam, leaning on her sister wife for succor. But we'll see how well Barb takes it when she learns what Ana and Bill got up to in the pantry and how she reacts to the very real possibility that there could soon be a fourth wife...


If there's one thing that Nicolette Grant can't do, it's keep her mouth shut. I could not believe that after everything that has happened, Nicki called Alby and alerted him to the fact that Roman was returning to the compound. Thanks to Nicki, all of Bill's manipulations and plans had come to naught. Roman would have let Bill have Weber Gaming and may have even left him alone after Bill kept him safe, but now? Alby's on the warpath and there's no way that Bill can keep Weber Gaming.


Who else thought the scene in which a bewildered Roman shows up in Barb's kitchen and demands Teeny make him a peanut butter sandwich (and some more for the guys at work) was absolutely heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time? I cannot believe that Roman survived a.) three slugs to the body and b.) slow poisoning by animal tranquilizer only to get arrested the moment he steped onto the compound by his snake of a son for the very crimes that Alby was trying to get him off the hook for (transporting young girls across state lines, etc.). The scene in which he, Adeleen, and poor Joey are surrounded by cops and told to put their hands behind their backs will resonate with me until next year.


I couldn't believe that Margene went ahead and agreed to carry Pam and Carl's baby. Margene's turned into quite the power-hungry sister wife all of the sudden and is desperate for equality with Barb and Nicki. I loved how Nicki told her that she was all young and pretty and therefore couldn't have equality, but I was stunned that Margene turned around and casually told Nicki (and later Barb) about Bill and Ana. Glad to see that that storyline is finally paying off in dividends. Still, it was telling that Margene was positively beaming when Barb publicly accepted her as her sister wife and grasped her hand in front of Pam.


I was so surprised to see Ana return to the mix. I thought she handled Margene's deceit rather well but it's clear she still has feelings for Bill, even if he did make an idiot out of her by leaving her standing there by herself. Still, if that scene in the pantry is an indication, Ana's not going anywhere any time soon.

Just what that means for the rest of the Henrickson family, well, we'll have to wait until next summer to find out. And, if you're as obsessed with Big Love as I am, it's going to be one long wait...

* * *

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